What we do


PC-FM, Inc. specializes in providing business productivity solutions using a range of tools, with emphasis on the Microsoft product family. We build (or modernize existing) websites with data back ends, to allow for easy Content Management, connected to social media assets. We also build desktop applications and in-house databases, including Microsoft Access and Excel applications.

Our years of experience in office integrations informs our ability to provide a whole-office IT solution.

  •   Workflow Analysis
  •   Network Design and Maintenance
  •   Organizing and executing office moves and new office set ups
  •   Ongoing Training and Support

Additional services

  •   Video Production
  •   Original Music Creation
  •   On Camera Talent and Voice Over
  •   Social Media Services

We've been in business since 1986 providing a range of services to small and medium sized businesses, with the goal of making them lean and competitive. Our knowledge of both the technical and the new media landscape empowers us to create effective, cost efficient solutions to your business challenges that can integrate with the demands of an increasingly online marketplace.

PC-FM primarily serves clients in the NYC and Long Island area but much of our work can be accomplished remotely for clients anywhere in the world.

Industries we have served:

Not for Profit
Investment Banking
Law Enforcement

Clients we have served:

Guggenheim Museum
Ironwood Partners
AMC (American Movie Classics)
JG Pollard
Cruise Lines International Assoc.
Medical Weight Loss
1st Republic Mortgage Bank
First Estate
Innovative Funding
Beyer, Blinder, Belle Architects
Polshek and Partners
Wantagh School System
Production Arts
The Actors Guild
Hebrew University
US Postal Inspection Service

References available on request


I wonder how many of our clients remember that PC-FM is an acronym for Personal Computer Facilities Management? When the company was formed in 1986 the concept was to create an MIS department for small to medium size companies that did not have an in-house MIS department. We called this 3rd party MIS. We were also equipped to support companies that did have MIS departments by shoring up the areas in which they were weak. Towards that end we covered all of the major bases. We built systems, set up networks, wrote custom software, provided training business software on the market at that time. We were a one-stop shop for all your computer needs.

The industry has come a long way since that time. The capabilities of personal computers have increased dramatically and their usage has become universal, not only in the business world, but in homes as well. No single company can possibly cover all of the bases. These days PC-FM specializes in developing software solutions to increase productivity, reduce workflow, safeguard important data and generally promote the success of it's clients. But because of our long history in this business we can also provide valuable advice on how to get the most of out of your computing resources. We commonly advise clients on a range of issues such as hardware acquisition and maintenance, software selection, network design, security, backup solutions, hiring and training.  

The players

Andrew Shaffer
Andy founded Personal Computer Facilities Management (PC-FM, Inc.) to provide a range of services. Since its founding Mr. Shaffer has created and directed the development of mission critical applications for a wide variety of industries. For the last few years he has been creating a range of Law Enforcement applications for the US Postal Inspection Service. He is also the founder of Homebrew Music and directs its ongoing activities.

Kevin Danenberg
Kevin's approach blends a deep technical and creative skillset enabling a broad range of solutions. While he wrote his first line of code 30 years ago, he began musical and artistic activities even earlier. He began programming professionally in 1995 as a consultant and hasn't missed a beat since then. Clients value his personal approach, intelligence, integrity, and ability to provide solutions above and beyond their expectations.

Joe Pisani
Joe has been our network goto guy for over a decade. Beyond setting up the hardware infrasture and server software Joe designs systems that can be effectively monitored and managed over the long haul.

Abby Shaffer
Abby is our digital media specialist. Working on both sides of the camera, she shoots and edits video, writes scripts, and performs as on screen talent. She runs her own successful YouTube channel, is a Spokesmodel For Aderans Co, LTD, regularly appearing in their digital and print media, and formerly worked on the Samsung Cares Channel demonstrating their products as well as writing scripts before branching out on her own with Abby Andrew Productions.


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Port Washington, NY 11050
Telephone: 516-767-3311

Email: Pcfm email address

A bit of history here - the sign on our Manhasset office door in the early nineties - very retro