The players

Andrew Shaffer
Andy founded Personal Computer Facilities Management (PC-FM, Inc.) to provide a range of services. Since its founding Mr. Shaffer has created and directed the development of mission critical applications for a wide variety of industries. For the last few years he has been creating a range of Law Enforcement applications for the US Postal Inspection Service. He is also the founder of Homebrew Music and directs its ongoing activities.

Kevin Danenberg
Kevin's approach blends a deep technical and creative skillset enabling a broad range of solutions. While he wrote his first line of code 30 years ago, he began musical and artistic activities even earlier. He began programming professionally in 1995 as a consultant and hasn't missed a beat since then. Clients value his personal approach, intelligence, integrity, and ability to provide solutions above and beyond their expectations.

Joe Pisani
Joe has been our network goto guy for over a decade. Beyond setting up the hardware infrasture and server software Joe designs systems that can be effectively monitored and managed over the long haul.

Abby Shaffer
Abby is our digital media specialist. Working on both sides of the camera, she shoots and edits video, writes scripts, and performs as on screen talent. She runs her own successful YouTube channel, is a Spokesmodel For Aderans Co, LTD, regularly appearing in their digital and print media, and formerly worked on the Samsung Cares Channel demonstrating their products as well as writing scripts before branching out on her own with Abby Andrew Productions.